Finding Fifi : The Return.

When I first created 'Finding Fifi', I intended it to be a free browser game.
But since 'Flash was dead' and html5 was still in an 'experimental phase' ... I was stuck in a limbo as to what game library / engine to use. Unreal Engine looked very promising, so that's what I ended up using to create both a Windows exe and an html5 version. I was very disappointed when the browser version turned out to be unplayable due to a number of bugs in the source code (unfortunately not -my- source code). There was nothing I could do but pull the browser game, and offer a download version instead.
But it is not the same.

Enter 2017.
I found a game library called OpenFL. It is written in Haxe, looks very similar to ActionScript3, and can be compiled to many different targets (Windows, html5. Android, ...). I took a deep breath, and started rewriting the game.
It was also a good opportunity to take some user feedback into account. I made the game a bit easier, added more feedback to the puzzles, and put in some cat ghosts because ... Well, why not ? The game now also saves your progress automatically.

So. Here you go.
You can download the new version of the game from the game page, or play the game in your browser (Newgrounds). If you needs some help playing the game, you can find a walkthrough on my YouTube channel.

Enjoy !

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